Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cumberland Falls Kentucky Mini Vacation

With needing some vacation time just the two of us, we planned a little mini vacation to Cumberland Falls Kentucky. Our first day, upon arrival, was sunny and really quite warm. We checked in to the Lodge and then checked out the area and did some hiking by the falls. Was really quite beautiful and the surroundings were so relaxing.

The bees are out and doing their job.

There was even a small beach area that we were surprised by. Who needs Florida? Okay, it wasn't near as warm, but we got the beach feeling anyways. : )

A small water fall came out of the rock above and trickled down through the beach. My landing from jumping over it was quite lovely.

Day 2, not so lovely. We got up and ate muffins, bananas and yogurt, then hit the road as it was cold and rainy. We stopped at a little mountain craft store that was very interesting. The crafts were, well, not really anything that we would buy, BUT they also sold honey, so we purchased some of that and had a really nice visit with the Kentucky folk that ran the store. Then we headed for some lunch, ate and came back to our room for the rest of the day. I had packed stuff for chicken salad croissants, so we had that for supper, watched movies, and just hung out and relaxed. Jonathon said at one point that it wasn't a vacation, but I quickly told him that it was for me. No dealing with children in any way is a motherly vacation. And was much needed!!!

So, tomorrow we head home and pray for safe travels. Very thankful for the first day of nice weather that we could get out and see some beautiful creation. Enjoyed it, relaxed, rested and now ready to go home. Is surely a blessing to have the priviledge of getting away for a bit though.


Tina said...

Sometimes, a moment in time can be a mini-vacation when you have a young family. I believe there's wisdom in taking little breaks with each other. After all...before children you and Jonny were still a family. Glad you guys had a good time!