Thursday, May 22, 2014

Benaiah is 5!

 Benaiah turned 5!  That boy loves mighty machines, so we decided to make him a cake with a might machine topper.  He has been asking for a loader tractor, only his mind is thinking the real deal, but obviously he's not getting that. : )  Grandma Deborah made the brownie ice cream cake for us, and I topped it off with the candy and tractor.  What a fun thing it was for him!

 We didn't actually tell him that the levers and buttons made it move, but he figured it out quickly as he pushed the lever for the bucket and up it went, dumping out all the candy.  Malt balls rolled all over the table, and everybody laughed and laughed at his reaction and the candy going all over.
Amalyah and Benaiah played so good together with the mighty machines.  

 They had an absolute ball!  Then they went outside and had even more fun!

Happy Birthday to our farm boy!  He was meant for the outdoors and the farm life.  We love you Benaiah Daniel Bovee and pray we get many, many more birthdays with you!