Monday, July 20, 2015

Mikvah/Baptisms in our family

Those moments that a parent has prayed for, sometimes take lots of nurturing, love, and patience.  Alegra and Diella have been exhibiting so many changes lately that we weren't really surprised when they approached us about doing a Mikvah.  A mikvah is similar to a baptism.  There are some differences and after doing some studying on how baptisms/mikvahs were done in the early church, we chose to do things a little differently with the girls.  It's a fascinating study if you've never actually looked into it before.  

We were blessed to be able to do these at a lake with living water and with many of our family and friends surrounding them.  What a blessing to have the support and encouragement from so many others.  Jonathon shared some of the differences in what we were doing, the girls shared why they were doing it, and then after they immersed themselves a friend and my dad shared some other interesting facts on the cultural differences.  It was a lovely time,  We ended with a meal back at our house.