Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It is finished!

Well, we aren't very far into the winter and we have our puzzle completed. I think the mom and dad did most of it, but the children sure were excited when we finished it. Here is the cute puzzle with Josiah surrounding it. He did help with probably 5 of the final pieces and had to have a high five for each one he put in.

So, now what do we do this winter. Well, my aunt brought me a quilt that she would like me to quilt for her. It was one that my great aunt Geneva German hand pieced together. It looks a little tricky, and I'm not sure how to finish it off, so it could be challenging, but will be such a great keepsake for my aunt when done. I hope my aunt is as excited when it is done as my children were when our puzzle was finished. :) So, watch in the future for a finished quilt. It may be awhile, but I told her I would get it done before the baby comes, so I better get on the ball. Anybody out there like to hand quilt?
I also like to sew a baby blanket for each child. I then like to hand quilt it. I suppose I will wait to do this baby's after it is born since we won't know what it is. I do have some material that my mom saved from my Grandma German's nightgowns. That will make it a little more special since my other children have embroidery work on theirs that Grandma did when she was still living. So, it looks like my hands are in for a real work out in the next 10 months. Anybody know a good massage therapist? Hehehe!


Bill Sines said...

I guess it's time to go get another puzzle! Have you ever seen those 3D puzzles? That might add another dimension to your fun! (Sorry for the poor math pun-humor)

Bovee Family said...

Jonathon appreciates the poor math pun-humor. I just shake my head and smile.

Bill Sines said...

Jonny and I are on the same nerd wavelength. We always laughed and you always rolled your eyes with Brooke!