Monday, December 8, 2008

A Family Fun Night

We had a wonderful evening the other night going out to eat and then to a bowling party. We ate at TGI Fridays, used a coupon for a free appetizer, used a $25.00 gift card and ate for free including tip. The children shared two children's meals and Jonathon and I shared a sirloin which was quite tasty. Since we rarely go out to eat, it was a real treat for us all, especially being free. Here are a few pics. from our wonderful dinner. And a lady even stopped by our table before she left and commented on how our children must love their daddy. I would much rather people noticed such a thing as that than noticing him ignoring them or something of that sort. I am so blessed to have him as a wonderful papa to my children.
Onto bowling.......they had so much fun with this being their very first time bowling. They of course had bumpers, but they also used a handy little ramp that they would set their ball on, then give it a little push and it would go down the lane for them. Very nice. They had fun with all their friends and here are some great pics. of them and all of us big people too having a wonderful time fellowshipping.

Here are some of the ladies preparing for the big party.

And the children gearing up to bowl. All the colors were so much fun and notice Diella, our spacey girl who would rather watch the bowlers beside her than pay attention to what she is supposed to be doing.

Phil Brothers and Leah Brown. She's a super bowler. I guess you're not bad either, Phil.

Here is the birthday boy, Zeky Brothers and his victory dance. He had several of those crazy dances. Thanks for all the fun memories, Zeky!

This was Alegra's turn and they are watching to see how she did. All except Diella who is watching another lane of course.

Here is the big group of us... minus some bowlers at their posts.

This is a great picture of a lady who bowled better with baby in tow than without. Way to go, Lisa!

Elli Brothers and Leah Brown - Two cuties for sure!

Shalom Boomershine and Tina Sawyer- Two more cuties for sure!

Girls just having fun! Diella (probably watching the other lane), Josiah (oops, he's not a girl), Alegra, Lilly Brown, and Elli Brothers.

So, we had a great and cheap night out with our children and created some wonderful memories with them and with our friends. But I did learn something......a birthday party with a bunch of toddler thru 2nd graders is quite hectic....but a lot of fun! And we even could count it as school. You gotta get PE in there somewhere. :)


Banner Kidd said...

Looks like fun! Wish I could have been there. I had work to do at home. What a blessing to see the family enjoying fellowship.