Friday, September 11, 2009

Our busy weekend- wedding bells

I am just getting around to posting about our fun filled last weekend. It is the start of this weekend, and I thought I should go ahead and get caught up before needing to post on a field trip we are doing on Sunday.
Last Friday night, we had the priviledge of attending an absolutely beautiful wedding. Some friends from church, Joel and Bethany made a marriage covenant outside in the bride's parent's backyard. It was a perfect evening and wonderful. We made it a date night (well with Benaiah too) and had a splendid time at the reception too. What a blessing to see the start of a marriage that is firmly built on God and HIS ways.

The new Mr. and Mrs. Joel Hawkins!

Our friends, Phil and Casie and one of the other babies that got to attend, Amalyah.

Jonathon and I with a sleeping Benaiah on the floor in his seat beside us. What a lovely evening!