Thursday, March 22, 2012

An Early Spring in March- Lovin' It!

We have had the most wonderful end of winter and beautiful start to spring.  I could look at our weeping cherry trees all day.  Sadly, most years, once they bloom, a big gust of wind comes and blows them all off before we ever get to see them at this stage.  They turn a light pink, and we've never seen them get to that point.  We were all surprised this morning when we woke up and saw the hue of pink.  What's even greater is that as soon as we step out our front door, all we can hear is the sound of busy little bees buzzing about, enjoying all those full blossoms.  It's a sound of nature that means that it's working just as HE intended it to. 
We have also found that our steer, Oreo as the children call him, is just as joyous about this weather as we humans are.  One day I looked out the kitchen and saw Alegra and Josiah running across the pasture with the boy chasing right behind them, kicking his legs all the way.  He only ran back and forth a couple times and then went to get a drink and was done for the day, but he sure enjoyed their company, the fresh air and warmth to run in.  They have been continueing to enjoy him, spending more and more time out in the pasture with him.  The following pictures are perfect examples of what I see often when I look out my kitchen window.  It's a lovely sight for sure! 

We bought a brush for them to start using on him to help get rid of his winter coat.  He has to be roasting with this warm weather we've been having and still dressed for the cold months.  : )  He stands and lets them brush him.  Alegra does most of it and she's found that while she's brushing him, he stretches his head around to her back side and uses her as a scratching post.  It's pretty funny and you can tell that he loves his little friends.  Benaiah is beginning to make friends with him also.  For some reason Benaiah thinks his short horns make a good place to grab him, but he doesn't seem to mind.  He has been a little cautious of the littlest friend because, well, sometimes he doesn't make the best choices in how he treats Oreo.  But he is learning and Oreo is getting more used to him.  It's so much fun to watch them enjoy this pet.  Now if they could just get big enough to clean out the barn, we'd be doing good.  : )
Enjoy them, enjoying Oreo.....

Diella and her umbrella, being a colorful farm girl in the pasture.

"Watch this Benaiah."

While I gave him his first tick check, I found a spot he really liked rubbed.  Alegra is seeing how much he likes it. 

Brushing and he's liking it!

"Oh my little friend,  you sure make a good head scratch post."

"You can touch my horns, but I've still got my eye on you littlest one."

That's the action on our little farmstead.  The chickens are doing good too, producing regularly and also enjoying getting out and having dirt baths in the sun.  No pictures of them today.  They just aren't as cute as the boy is. 

Along with enjoying the animals, we have also been enjoying bike rides (well, the momma stays on the ground and walks), tennis (yes, I did play a low key game, but requested Jonathon not make me run for the ball  : )), playing ball in the yard, hanging laundry outside and we've been spending time at Grandma Linda's farm house cleaning things up a bit.  So, that wraps it up for what we've been doing these amazing March days in Michigan.  How have you all been enjoying this weather?