Saturday, March 3, 2012

Just a little update

 Well, it seems that winter is winding down, though it just keeps on snowing.  The end of February, Grandma Deborah had a birthday so we celebrated that by surprising her and meeting up with them at Hacienda for lunch.  It's not too often we get to do things like that.  So, it was a nice treat all the way around.  And the children did a fun picture to post on her facebook after finally getting a good one.  I think she liked it.  : )
Business as usual around here.  Jonathon is staying very busy with work, which we bless the Lord for.  Massages for me pick up and slow down.  That's fine as it alwasy picks up when we need it to and it always slows down when I'm needing more time at home.  Sickness from my pregnancy is finally dissipating, though I still get struck with tiredness every now and then.  And the little one must be growing because my belly is.  The children have been doing great with their schooling, learning new things every day.  I am amazed what they are learning, and I'm the one teaching them.  It's very rewarding!  They have also enjoyed setting up a massage room to which much pampering happens.  Always feels good to have a good foot rub, especially if it's with soft, little hands. 

Today Benaiah and I stayed home from fellowship.  Last night we were at some friends, and he really started coughing and the nose started running.  Boooo!  Well, he also choked on a cracker, which made him throw up, so we had a rough night with that.  Then today, he choked on a carrot.  He really needs to relearn how to chew his food.  : )  It's been pretty quiet as he napped after we read some stories, then I did some Scripture reading and thought I should just post a little update of our family.  Now we are enjoying a blueberry bagel and some hot chocolate together.  Yuuuummm!

Last week we had some gorgeous, spring feeling days.  The children loved getting outside and running in the sun.  They have discovered how much the boy (our steer) enjoys them being out there with him to play.  Josiah and Alegra would stand near him, then take off running across the pasture.  He would kick his feet and take off after them, kicking and jumping all the way.  I think he too was liking the warm, sunny days.  As a mom, all I could do was stand in my kitchen window and smile as I watched the pleasure from my children with the animal that we worked so hard to befriend.  After a summer filled with fun play with him, I hope they handle it alright when it is butcher time.  We'll see.  Life on the farm, right?   

Looking forward to spring and summer.  Jonathon and I's anniversary is coming up in May.  15 years!!!!  We are planning something special for that, which includes a trip to Chicago and Wisconsin for some sightseeing, visiting with friends and fishing.  We are looking forward to it greatly!  The children will be going with us, so it won't be an adult only thing, but sharing those moments with our children now while they are young will be gone as they start growing up and leaving the house.  Then we'll have our adult only trips.  And lots of them!!!!  : )

I pray this finds you all enjoying this Sabbath day and resting in His goodness.