Monday, September 3, 2012

Saphira with Family

We all love holding Saphira.  If you can imagine 4 children all wanting their time during the day.  There has had to be some new rules made and some explaining that, yes, the mom gets to hold her the most no matter how much time the rest of them have had.  The children are learning lots of new things that I never even considered them having to learn about babies.  No, not where they come from other than a blessing from God, but about the umbilical cord, blow outs, her sleeping patterns, the overwhelmed feeling when there are too many people around her, etc, etc.....

But all in all they are all doing very well.  Benaiah is the big brother and takes the dirty diapers to the trash.  I always call for the big brother when it's that time and he gets a big smile and comes and takes it away.  : )  Josiah walked around with her today while she was wide awake and she never cried once.  So, that means that she loves him greatly and prefers him to hold her all the time.  Diella is so nurturing and our early riser, so she usually gets to her first in the mornings when she hears her crying.  Alegra must have her time sometime during the day or it's bad news.  And her time has to be when she is awake.  They all often times walk by her and rub her head and say, "Awe, she is just so cute".  Josiah does it the most.  Benaiah gives her the most kisses.  It has really been a joy these first few days with a newborn.  The children have been most helpful with chores around the house and our church family and parents have been most helpful in providing food.  What a blessing!  I'm enjoying having older children while having a little one.  It's fun to watch them learn the meaning of family with a baby around.  Enjoy the pictures of everyong enjoying Saphira.

Josiah loves his little sister time!

The mom loves her time too, but I mostly get her when it's feeding time.  Then everybody else wants her....until she starts crying, then they pass her off to me.  That's okay, because she likes her momma quite a lot.  : )

Grandma Deborah has been a big help and thinks she's quite pretty.  We think so too.

Our best friends, the Brothers have been loving their time with her too.  They enjoyed her arrival as well, so we're glad they've been a big part!

I wasn't kidding when I said he gives the most kisses.  He really loves her a lot and keeps an eye on anybody outside of our family who is holding her.

Grandpa Ron and Grandma Linda came to visit as well.  Grandma Linda loves to snuggle babies!

Aunt Mandy likes her pretty well also.  She must like her cuz she brought the rest of us pie and chocolate.  : )
Alegra the little momma! 

Is that a face that's super happy about having a little sister?  Yep, sure is!