Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Brothers and Bovees - Day 1

Well, everyone made it through the first night and woke up all cheery this morning. Before everybody was out of pajamas they played a game and even Benaiah got in on the action. He is really going to be spoiled after having so much attention for three days. :)

Here is Elli and Benaiah waiting their turn to play.

We had to squeeze in something for school so I didn't feel like a total slacker. :) Here Elli and Josiah are doing shape/jump cards and having a ball with it. Wonderful giggles!

Some Word Wall coloring going on and everyone did a colorful job on their pictures.

We decided to go sledding so the girls stirred up some hot cocoa mix for when we got back.

Now this is the good kind of sledding. No trudging up a hill after going down. They had so much fun...even with all the spills.

I got a new planner for doing massages and Diella asked me what if she could have my old one that is full of appointments. So, I let her have it and right away she scheduled Elli for a massage and next thing I know she's got the lotion and Elli is taking her place in my chair with her feet up.

She got a foot massage AND her hands massaged. Was too cute! Elli got pampered because then Alegra started scheduling her to get massages from her too. Wow, why didn't I get in that appointment book! Ha!
All in all, we are having a good time. Zeky has great plans for me to fix pancakes and even went around asking who all wanted some to see if there were enough people interested for me to do it. Ugh, I think it's going to be another cereal morning, but maybe not. We'll see how Benaiah sleeps.
Well, they are all in bed (certainly not asleep yet unless we really wore them out today sledding), and we have big plans for tomorrow. My plans are definitely fitting in a reading time slot. I metioned that plan and I'm pretty sure I got boos from the whole bunch of them. :) Oh well, a mother needs some quiet time sometime in a day.
We'll report in again tomorrow evening with our fun filled day's happenings!