Sunday, December 20, 2009

A day in the life....

It doesn't seem like we have had too much excitement around here lately. Nothing interesting to blog about. Well, today Josiah and Diella collided (unintentional by them both) and Diella got the worse end of it. I asked her if I could take her picture to post, but she quickly refused. Josiah wouldn't even look at her afterwards because it was so bad. He knocked out one of her front teeth (good thing it was starting to loosen up before hand) and almost knocked out the other front tooth. So, her mouth was a bloody mess, and I guess he couldn't stomach it. And now, she looks rather hillbillyish with one tooth gone and the other sitting sideways almost out. He rubbed his head quite a bit, so I am guessing that his head was the hard object of destruction to her mouth.
These days, school is in full swing. Diella is reading quite a bit better than I had anticipated this early in the year, and Alegra is enjoying many new books that are much harder for her age. I am extremely proud of them both for how they have learned and developed in their reading.

A typical day in the Bovee household is something like this:
Wake up and eat breakfast. Then school lessons are started (with a lot of grumbling usually) and some days they are finished by lunch time and other days not until afternoon. There is usually story time in there, computer time, any chores that need done such as carrying wood, taking food garbage out, getting the mail, washing dishes, or other meal/food prepation for freezing, and general fun play. Lately they have been wrapped up in playing with the blocks and matchbox cars. They will have blocks as ramps and roads all over the living room and cars all over the place. It's great!

After supper, we might play a game, have worship time, or just hang out and watch Benaiah. He is quite good entertainment these days. Sorry I don't have a picture of him. At bedtime they get ready and once everbody is down, we read some Scripture to them. Right now we are just reading through the Bible. And it amazes me how they remember things and mention what they heard the next morning. I love it! We pray together unless someone has fallen asleep, then it's lights out. The past month or so, Jonathon and I have been staying up late studying Scripture together. It's so refreshing to get into the Word and understand what it's saying. For so many years, I would read and do my due diligence of doing devotions and that was that, not really understanding or growing in my walk. But anymore, it seems like HIS Word is being revealed continuously and it is exciting!

This time of year we sure are warm and snuggly in our little house. Though we are quite tight in here, some evenings I sit back and enjoy how close we all are. How many families are separated even in their own homes? The children are off watching tv in one room, the parents watching in another, or some on the computer or some off with other friends. I rejoice in how my family is and the life that we have. Tonight for supper we had chicken stew with potatoes from our garden, carrots from our garden, onions from our garden and chicken that we butchered with some friends. I love this lifestyle! It tasted so good and fresh! And then I made some granola nut clusters with walnuts from our own english walnut trees. Love it!
We may not have wealth, but we sure have joy, health, and a beautiful family! Jonathon told me the other day, "God may not give us what we want, but he does give us all that we need". How true and I am thankful!