Sunday, December 6, 2009

Diella's Birthday- She is 6!

Diella is getting so big! Grandma Linda had to call to find out how old she really was and Grandma Deborah put the wrong age on her card. Too funny! This year she had specifics on what she wanted on her cake. She wanted a confetti cake with pink frosting, 6 pieces of chocolate and sprinkles. Well, she ended up putting 9 pieces of chocolate on, but all in all she did a great job on her cake. Here she is working at making it just right.

Pretty and delicious both!

And the final project! What a wonderful job, girly!

Diella is our biggest helper in the kitchen, with Benaiah, and making a craft mess...okay, that's not very helpful but she sure does it well and quite often. She LOVES cutting papers and making little crafts. She just might be artsy when she grows up.
Time sure seems to go by quickly. She was born in the middle of the night, and I felt so bad to have to get the doctor out of bed. Her labor was quick and super easy with my first words being (after saying "Thank you, Jesus") "it's over alreay?" And she was born with one hand out first as if she was worshiping as she came out of the womb, hence her name, Diella-worshiper of Yah.
She started school this year and is beginning to read and do addition and subraction. Her learning is doing much better than I had anticipated, so I am really proud of her. We are truly blessed with having her in our family! Love you, Diella!