Monday, May 10, 2010

The Barnyard Bash

The children did lots of fun projects related to farms this year for their annual grandparents program. We put all of their hard work on the table for everybody to look through, including their native chicken masks.
When we could finally get the men inside from looking at Jonathon's new toy, we started our program. Alegra read a book in honor of Grandpa Murphy called The Milk Man.

Diella got to read this year and picked a book called I Love Animals. She did great and we are very pleased with her development in reading.

The children also memorized poems and songs. They each did one by themselves and then The Goat song, they all sang and played instruments.

Alegra loves riddles, so when she found a book with cow riddles at the library, she wanted to have that be part of the program. We went through ahead of time and picked some that we liked the best and she was able to stump the grandparents on some and not on some.

The children also made some homemade envelopes that they put flower seeds in that we had collected last year from our flowers and sealed them with stickers. And they did this with their aprons that Grandma Deborah sewed for them.

Josiah did his part by putting the stickers on.

We had a delicious meal of grilled hamburgers, cheesy potatoes, fruit salad, angeled eggs, and guacamole with chips. After the meal, the men cleaned up the kitchen while the grandmas and children played slap jack. What fun they had!

Here is Great Grandpa and Grandma Murphy with the children. Such sweet memories for the children to still have this generation for them to be around.

And Grandma Linda and Aunt Mandy with the children.

And Grandpa Daniel and Grandma Deborah.

And last but not least, our little family. We are so blessed! It is good for the children to say their poems and sing their songs for others. Some take a little prodding, but they all did it and did a great job!

Next year we may do something a little different, but will still carry on the tradition of having the grandparents come to have the children share their school year with. But the older they get, the more we can do. Next year, Josiah will be reading too. That just amazes me. And that ends our school year! Yay, schools out for summer!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day! I enjoyed seeing pictures of the children with the grandparents. They are blessed to have so many people in their life that love them. :)