Monday, May 10, 2010

A Mini Celebration for an accomplished lady

Naomi's Night
I was not in charge of this mini celebration but was glad to be able to help plan some of the event. We wanted to honor a sister who just became a nurse and it's her birthday, so what better reason to honor a good friend.

Rarely you get to see my face on here, but I thought you might like to see the blogger's face. Haha.
We waited for all the ladies to arrive and then waited for Naomi and Tina. I'm not so sure she was all that suprised. I think the surprise leaked. We met at Olive Garden and had a wonderful meal together.
All of us minus Ireena who tried to sneak out of the picture down in the lower left corner.

We all pitched in to buy her her very own stethoscope. What a blessing it turned out to be since she was needing her own. This is a picture of the card/banner that I made and on the white pieces is a picture of the stethoscope and on the other is the verse that we had engraved on it.

Great Job Naomi!

One of the ladies is so handy in sewing and made this great nurses cap that Naomi wore all night. She looks professional now!

Then we went to the river walk and took pictures. It didn't rain which we were glad for, but it was freezing. But we did have fun taking some pictures and have them for great memories.

It wouldn't have been complete without a rescue by Naomi to prove she really knows her stuff. This was a great idea and maybe we should have had more of these stages pics in mind, but this one turned out cute anyways.

All of us ladies minus the two photographing us. What a pretty place for pictures. Too bad is wasn't a little warmer...okay, a lot warmer.

We brought our umbrellas just in case and they made for some fun pictures. Great ladies enjoying each other....without children. Was lovely!
Trying to get us all posed and together, looking the right direction was a trick, especially with a few cameras that needed pictures on them. Oh, and one that was accidentally videoing. Ha!
And then we ended the evening by going back to one of the lady's house and while I worked on pampering Naomi's feet, the other ladies shared with her what was on their hearts concerning her attributes, her accomplishment, and what she means to us. It was complete with hoho, cream filled cupcakes and pina colladas (how is that spelled?).
We are all so blessed to have one another as sisters. The support, encouragement, and friendship we have is immeasurable.