Friday, May 21, 2010

Free Summer Fun!

Here at the Bovee house, we are heading into summer break. School is out for the summer!!! But with that always comes the children wanting to go do fun stuff. Well, we pinch our pennies where we can, so we love to find FREE or inexpensive fun things to do close to home. Money Saving Mom posted a great post on her blog here that covers some wonderful entertainment for the children this summer. Check it out. We love the reading programs that the book stores offer. We may try a few other things on her list as well. Oh, we have done the Kids Bowl Free thing too. Another great program for children, and this year they have it in Sturgis. Yay!!!
Let me know if you and your children do anything from the list, and let me know how you liked it. I would really like for some National Parks to be closer to us, but oh well. We've got other great things and parks nearby.
It's been a restful ending to another week so far. Looking forward to the sun shining tomorrow after a long day of rain and storms. Grow garden grow!