Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Thankful Thursday Post just a little late

This past Thursday Iwas working in the garden, and Jonathon was working at splitting wood, and I realized that I have so much that I am thankful for that I just love. I thought how perfect of a day for me to share with our readers the things around our home that we (mostly me) am thankful for.
A lake would be better, but I just love seeing the sun reflect off of water. Even if it is just on a mud hole, there is just something about the shimmer on water that causes me to stop, reflect and be thankful for that sunshine.
After years of talking about it, we finally planted some fruit trees (2 apples and 2 peach) AND the deer haven't touched them. My prayers will continue though that they will stay away!

This may look like a peculiar thing to be thankful for, but do you see all the notches that are taken out of this stump? This stump is where Jonathon sets his piece of wood to split. This stump means that my husband is able to split wood for his family. I'm so thankful for his health and willingness to work hard.
And he got a new toy. We needed something to mow the yard and will need something to push snow this winter, so he got himself a little garden tractor and is really having fun with it. So, I am thankful for his new toy and his joy with it, but look at that baby watching his papa ever so closely. I'm thankful that my children watch their daddy, but more importantly, that they see good character and good work ethic when watching their daddy.

That is the first leaf to open on our maple tree. We have been wondering when its buds were going to open, and I noticed the first one today. We planted this tree a few years after we moved here. It has grown so much! It sure is fun to watch a tree that we planted ourselves, grow and grow.

This picture is of me, waving, if you didn't notice, at all of our readers.....and showing our freshly hoed garden. I'm thankful for this space to grow nutrient rich produce and thankful that I was able to get out there and hoe it. This time last year I was stuck in bed waiting for a clot to go away and a baby to come. My health is coming to mind a lot these days.
My sunflowers are up! I might have planted these a little early, but I just couldn't wait. And we have peas, lettuce, spinach, and cabbage up. Bless the Lord for the good of the land!

Here is a picture of our other beautiful tree that I promised I would take only it is not in its full beauty. I waited a little too long.
Another strange picture perhaps, but this van full of tools and supplies means my man is working, and we bless the Lord for that every day!

One of my favorites from the day of taking pictures. These tulips were planted by me and the girls when Jonathon left back 5 years ago. Tulips are my favorite flower and I wanted something to pop up in the spring to remind us of new life and growth no matter what happens. Well, in the spring, he was back and our family had certainly gone through some growth and new life. Then last year I missed them blooming from being in the hospital doing some more growth and waiting for another new life. So these flowers are super special to me. And speaking of super special.....can't be thankful and show what things I love without posting......
a babe with blue eyes.


thebrosfam said...

So many things to be thankful for!
And those baby blue eyes could win a photo contest in a heartbeat!
What an awesome picture. :)