Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Finally some remodel pics!

Alegra's photography skills at work during a gorgeous sunset on the farm.
 It's been so busy around here with getting settled in to the farmhouse, getting areas ready for animals, unpacking, unpacking and unpacking, hosting a Celebration here, homeschooling and just every day life.  I'm a true mother.  My days go by quickly, and it doesn't look like I've done much of anything, but if I were to write a list of everything I've done, well, the list would be long with unnoticeable things, but things that definitely need done.   I decided today that I needed to do some blogging and do some house reveals for you all.  I don't know how to make the pictures any bigger than this without losing them off my page, so hopefully you can get the idea of the changes we made to the kitchen, dining, living and foyer rooms. 

Walking into the front door.

The new and updated kitchen.

Standing in the dining room, looking into the living room.

Standing at the front door looking into the living room.

Looking from the end of the living room towards the foyer are.
And now just some pictures to show you all of the angles.  We are so blessed to have all of this space to have family and friends over for meals and fun. We are still getting used to all the space and learning that there are definitely pros and cons to having a big house.  We are just trying to take full advantage of the having people over often.  

Would like to add some pictures on each side of the chalkboard. 

This area is not complete yet, but this will do for now until the garage is cleaned out.

That is our home on the main level.  The school room is back the hallway to the right in the picture above and just looks like a well used space.  :)  Nothing fancy.  And the mudroom bathroom I already posted before and after pictures of, but tomorrow it will be completed with the addition of a new washer and dryer.  Yay!!!

Onto our backyard.  This is the view that I see from the kitchen window.  The dog is Jonathon's sister's but he resides here still.  He is usually laying down by the swing set and the steer, Oreo loves to graze in that area.  I think it's because it's on the other side of the clothes line and I've been spending a lot of time out there lately with hanging laundry up to dry.  He usually stands right there and eats while I'm out there and prefers that area also for laying down.  He  is so happy to be over here, back with his family.

 Since I haven't blogged for awhile, I have to get caught up a bit.  The below picture is of Benaiah and Saphira asleep on the cough.  She woke up crying one afternoon and he climbed up there to calm her and they both fell back asleep.  So sweet!

Our little peek a boo baby!  She is becoming so much fun every day!

And her cutest outfit so far!  It says "Pretty like mommy" and even has a hat too but she isn't too fond of hats.  : )  I also have to mention that she sleeps just like me too.  Arms above head.  It's funny how children have these traits of their parent's when they haven't even been around very long. 
  So, there you have it, just a little update on our little family.  I have a couple Celebrations I'm working on with my friend, still trying to get all situated in everybody's room with dressers, etc, and trying to gear up for the cold months ahead.  Although I don't talk about them too much or my hubby will be all ready to head south-NOW.  : )