Monday, November 12, 2012

Planes, Trains and Angels

The children took a train ride with my parents yesterday.  Here is their amazing journey, told by Alegra.  Don't stop reading before you get to the end.  That's the best part.  
~We met up with grandpa Dan and grandma Deborah, and they took us to the airport/train station. They gave us a tour of it.  My favorite part was looking down from the railing at the airplanes.We took the South Shore Line to Michigan City. 

Me, Diella, and Josiah stood under an airplane.

We went up and looked at all the airplanes. They all had statues in them.

There were two spray airplanes, a red airplane, and a missile.

 It was very windy, and we had to keep from falling over.

 There is a sliding door on one side, and on the other side is a pull open door. 

 I took this picture of this tall church.

When we looked up, it looked like the church was coming down on us because the clouds were moving.

 Grandma took a picture of us after we got on the train.

When we arrived, we walked 6 blocks to the outlet mall.  First we went to the Children's Place, but we didn't get anything.  Then we went to ToysRus.  Diella got a fish, paint-by-numbers and a purple, color, click pen.  I got a panda bear, paint-by-numbers and a pink, color, click pen.  Josiah got a Hero Factory Lego guy, and Grandpa bought Benaiah a toy, semi truck with a loader on the trailer.  Then we went to several different chocolate places to sample chocolate.  That's all we went there for.  We went to the Corelle store to look at all the different patterns.
 We went to Ben's Soft Pretzels and got pretzel sticks with nacho cheese and sweet mustard.  They were delicious!

When we were walking back to where we were going to wait for the train, we saw a gray squirrel.  Grandpa chased it up the tree, so we took a picture of it.

After we walked back to the train station, we realized we had missed the train.  It was going to be 2 1/2 hours before the train would be back to pick us up.  So, we walked to Albano's Villa Pizza and ate supper there. 

It was dark and sprinkling when we were walking back to the train station.  A couple minutes after we were there, two men came in.  The first man was a big, black man.  The second man was small, had a cane and had piercings everywhere.  Grandma offered them chocolate chip cookies that me and Diella made.  They said that they did not want any.  The white man told me and Diella that it was good for us to know how to sew and cook and clean.  Then the black guy said  that the next time we made chocolate chip cookies, we should cut them into stars and put rainbow sprinkles on them.  Two black guys came in and sat down.  One was smoking, and they both talked like gangsters.  The black man sitting with us was named Aldine.  But most people called him Al.    Al looked at the men in the eyes with seriousness, and they stayed away for a little bit but kept coming back.  Grandpa asked Al if they were angels.  Al said that they just came to watch over people.  Then the white man went to the door and said, "It's coming".  Then Al said the same thing.  And then we heard the train.  Before we got on the train, Grandpa shook hands with Al and said, "Thank you".  Al squeezed Grandpa's hand and Grandpa squeezed his.  Then Al said, "There's your train".  We believe that Al and his friend were angels watching over us in a bad part of town. ~

There is much more to this story with the dangers that lurked in that area in the dark.  And the waitress at the restaurant was so friendly and even showed them a pen that had angels on it and Scripture about angels.  My dad was nervous that they had missed the earlier train, knowing what that area was like at night.  There was another car that seemed fishy that was in the area as well.  I had prayed before I dropped the children off with my parents for God to protect us all while we're far apart.  I bless the Lord for doing that and for easing my dad's fears by showing him the angels that He sent to fight the battle (they don't usually look like the glowing, winged things but what they need to to accomplish the task Yahweh has sent them to do).  There are always spiritual battles going on around us, we just can't see them.  What a faithful Father to ease the uneasiness by sending those angels to talk to my children who were very nervous about missing the train and to show my dad that He has all things in His hands and to just trust.  They got home and there wasn't a dry eye during the telling of the story  I just wanted to sing out, "Bless the Lord, Oh my soul, Oh my soul.  Worship His holy name.  Sing like never before, Oh my soul.  I'll worship His holy name" (which we did when before Dad and Mom left).  Who knows what could have happened had they not been protected!  Earlier that day I would not have guessed that one of the reasons for me to Bless the Lord was that the Father would send angels to watch over my family and protect them from the enemy's ways.  That was just one of the 10,000 reasons that I'm blessing Him today.