Thursday, November 8, 2012

Homemaking Class- Cooking 1

Just to break into the class with ease and some fun, the girls worked at making some cookies.  They used the recipe from Betty Crocker and boy were they delicious.  They tasted wonderful, but just weren't as soft and chewy as the girls were hoping for.  We set out to figure out what they needed to do differently to make them just how they wanted them.

 One thing I noticed and pointed out to them was that they handled the dough too much causing it to be really soft.  After reading other's suggestions, we learned that it's best to have the dough chilled.  That will be day 3's experiment without changing our recipe at all

And we had to include the little Miss in our cookie making time.  She was so cute sitting in the chair, with her apron on, watching all the commotion.  : ) 

So for lesson 1, we worked together in the cookie making process.  I pointed out different things such as:

~Fractions in measurements and what if we were doubling the batch or cutting the batch in half. 
~They learned how to use the mixer and get the mixer attachments out of the machine, safely. 
~They learned how far apart the dough should be placed on the cookie sheet and why.
~When to take the cookies out of the oven and how they'll keep baking a little after being left on the cookie sheet.
~Not to leave the oven door open too long.
~How to use the oven.
~Set the timer.
~Eat one when it's warm and with ice cream.  Delicious!