Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Alegra's Birthday

Well, I am definitely slow at getting this one done. Shame on me! Alegra had her 7th birthday on Jauary 26th. Wow, we can't believe it!

She is doing so good in school (well, not always wanting to do it, but who does?) and is such a joy to watch. She is reading like crazy now and often times I will catch her with a book from the library reading it to her brother and sister. How did that happen? Before we know it, Diella will be doing the same thing.

She likes books, puzzles, pretending in her room, playing kitchen, building tents, spelling lessons, dressing her doll, and cuddling with Miss Bear.

We are doing something super fun on Friday for her birthday and since we didn't really do anything special for Diella's birthday, she is included. I will definitely have to post pics. after Friday, so you can see what great fun we had for the girls' birthdays. And maybe I'll post some new belly pictures. :) It's growing that's for sure.

Anyways, Alegra is excited for the new baby to come. And I believe she will be of great help to me this time around. We love her and all her craziness.

I almost forgot...she also has pretty well stopped sucking her thumb. Hooray!!!! It sure took some work and motivation. Thanks to all of you who have received so many e-mails and comments from her. It worked and just to make sure she is really done, you will probably continue to get some for awhile. But we are planning a party for her this spring before the baby comes. We have had everything for it for a couple years now. I think we actually get to have it now. Yay!!!!!!!