Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cowboy Cookout-Yeehaw!

Howdy partners! We had a great cowboy cookout. The children have been studying cowboys, and I was even a little surprised at the things they remembered throughout the unit. We studied what the different parts of the cowboys outfit are used for and read lots of stories about cowboys, and did many fun activities with cowboys. We even made a big poster of a cowboy with all the different parts of clothing.

The cookout was fun and delicious with chicken stew and dumplings and chunky homemade spiced applesauce. Mmmmm! And for the dessert selection....lemon, pumpkin, and cherry pie. Was all delicious indeed!

After lunch the children did a little program with Alegra reading two books and the three children saying two poems together that they had memorized. Then we had the grandparents bring special items that they had that could help teach the children about cowboys. Grandpa Dan brought a metal pan and talked about how the cowboys ate out of these kind of dishes.

Then Great Grandpa Murphy brought some pictures of cowboys and read about them. Then he pulled out an old, old photo album that had pictures of his uncle Paul from Montana who lived on a ranch. His dad went and visited and the pictures were of them in the mountains with the horses all decked out like cowboys. Was very interesting to see and how priceless to have pictures of family from years back that were actually cowboys. That was very special!!!

After that the girls brought out their papers, pictures, and activities that they have worked on about cowboys. Here is our grand cowboy poster that they put together with all the garb. He was quite fun to work on, and I believe they learned a lot by doing this.

And then here is our real cowboy. Great Grandpa Murphy even wore his cowboy hat, so we couldn't resist a picture of Josiah with it on. Thanks to Grandma Deborah for making the children's outfits. They were so cute and the children had such a good time being all dressed up for the party. What a fun time had by all!!!!