Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Race in the House

I journeyed outside today to take care of some outside things....burnt trash, take recycle out to the shed, carry in some wood, shovel just a little (okay, more than I should've) and while I was out, the children came up with another great inside idea - a race in the house. A great idea?

In my house? Yes, they all had tennis shoes on (Josiah had sandals, but they were fast sandals) and were lined up in the kitchen.
Well, sort of lined up. I"m not sure which direction Josiah is going. :) I don't know who would sound the gun to run, but somehow they all took off at the same time and around the bend they would run.

Around the table bend.....

Around the clothes rack bend (nobody is looking at my messy house, right?) And then back to the starting line. What a race! They did this over and over before I told Alegra she needed to get back to her lessons. It was good for them to get some energy out, and who knew the clothes rack would turn the living room into a race track. It's amazing what we can do in our little house. Ah, but we are looking forward to them doing this OUTSIDE soon when the weather becomes warmer and the snow melts away. But until then....on your mark. get set. the house.