Saturday, January 31, 2009

Our Girls Day Out!

We decided to do something fun for the girl's birthdays and taking a girl's day to see Disney on Ice in Chicago was it and counts as a field trip. It was amazing, and we had so much fun, just us girls. Another friend and her daughter went along, so it made for a nice but tiring day out. Enjoy the pics!

The three girls, Diella, Elli, and Alegra on the way to a windy Chicago. Casie and Elli getting ready to enjoy the show. Who enjoyed it more, mom or daughter? :)

We didn't tell them what we were doing. The left pic. is when Casie told them what we were going to see and the right pic is their change in expression. They really didn't know what it was going to be, but they loved it!

The PreShow Before the Actual Performance (Disney Princess Dresses)

The girls looking at all the beautiful dresses. And Alegra infront of Cinderella. She was the first brave one to stand there and get her picture taken.

Smiles around the dresses. And the mom's tried to take center stage when Cinderella left, but I think our bellies were too big to fit the bill. Hahaha!

Onto the Show!

The curtain where all the characters came out on the ice. And the cotton candy guy selling $20.oo bags of cotton candy....okay, not really, but expensive enough. There are some crazy people who spend way too much on souveniers. Will those souveniers some day replace the special memories that those children have in their minds with their family of the event itself? I don't think my girls will forget this fun day, and they didn't take a single souvenier home. Memories are better than stuff that will soon break and become trash. Just a thought.

First, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald came out with a cute little car. It was having problems (part of the show) and of course Diella was concerned that the car was on fire. Poor girl. She didn't flip out though which was good!

To the rescue, the cars of course, to help Mickey and Minnie's car get started.

I took this one forJosiah. Lightning came out with fireworks even. Elli wanted to "get out of that place" when the fireworks banged and lit up. Hope Diella isn't rubbing off on her in the fire and smoke area. :)

Here are the faces in amazement, not being able to take it all in. So much to see!

This was some of the Lion King part of the show.

More Lion King where the wildebeest come out and chase Simba all over the badlands. I enjoyed these costumes as it looked like so many were out there running around. One person had 3 wildebeest as part of their costume. Had to see it to thoroughly appreciate it.

The girls enjoyed this part the most. The stage turned into a spring opening with flowers popping up all over the place. Was very colorful!

More of the end with a flying Tinker Bell even. The colors, the sparkles, the effects were breath taking. Even Casie thought so......

And the grand finalle......

More colors, sparkles, confetti falling from the ceiling (tried to get a picture of all three girls looking up at all the confetti falling, even with Elli trying to catch it, but too much excitement).

Was a spectacular show indeed! The costumes were unreal and looked just like the actual characters. The stage set up made you feel like you were part of the show. Special affects were great with smoke, fire, bubbles for under the sea, lighting changes, flying characters, and on and on. Images on camera just don't reflect the real thing, and we are glad we were able to do it.

Next exciting outting- The Daddy Daughter Dance in a couple of weeks.


thebrosfam said...

DEFINITELY an AMAZING day! I guess I can admit that I might have enjoyed it maybe a lil more than everyone else.. especially since you got a picture of the proof of my excitement!!
I would definitely go see Disney on Ice again! That's my review of the show, for all those out there wondering.. =-)
Anyhow.. I guess I better do some catching up on my blog.. you're really out doing me.. I'm falling way behind! Love you guys!