Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ladies Chocolate Spa Party

Well, most of the ladies called and canceled on us because of the ridiculous amount of snow we got, but we did have a few ladies who just couldn't resist and came anyways. Here are some pictures from that for those ladies who missed out to enjoy. And don't worry, we are rescheduling it so you didn't miss out on the relaxing and yummy evening. We saved the prizes and special treats for the actual party. Here is just a small look at what we will be doing for the real deal. This was a great practice run for us.

We did not take any pictures of the desserts in case the ladies choose to make the same thing for the real party. We don't want to ruin the contest. Enjoy the pictures and may it make you look forward to the party in a couple of weeks!

Here is Ireena, Bethany, and Celia getting all pampered infront of the fireplace....ahhhh, so relaxing, but maybe too hot for those menopausal ladies. :)

Here is Missy, Casie, Janele, and Me (Christi) taking our turn at soaking our feet. We soaked in a chocolate bath salt with marbles. So, very enjoyable!

Okay, the guys just had to try the hand paraffin dip. And did the ladies complain of the great heat to the hands....NO!, it felt great and tingly. How did it feel guys?

And the children, who won't be there for the real party. But they enjoyed the yummies while they could get them!

And the little girls playing dress up. Boy did they have fun and felt so charming. What cuties they are....Alegra Bovee, Eliyahna Brothers, and Diella Bovee. This wasn't part of our party but a fun girly time.