Saturday, January 10, 2009

The More the Merrier

So, some people say, "What are you going to do with another child in your little house." Well, from this picture you can see that we could fit at least 4 more Bovee children in this room. Our children do enjoy sleeping in the same bed. I think they think it keeps the monsters away.

It's so peaceful when they all get along, especially in their beds or bed in this case. We will still be quite crammed in our little house, but if they can sleep like this, at least they will all have warm, soft beds to sleep in. We make room for what we need and nothing more.

Hope you are all having a bundled up, warm and cozy winter.


Anonymous said...

That is really very sweet! One of the reasons we mothers look forward to bedtime...they always seem to get along so much better when they are sleeping. As you know, we have 5 sleeping in one room and 1 sharing a room with mom & dad this winter. Yahweh promises to provide for our NEEDS. I would rather have my six blessings crammed into our house than a big and roomy house that is empty of children!
-Jen Ferris