Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Real Party....All Chocolate!

Well, we finally did it! Friday evening we had 17 ladies, not including me and the other hostess, together for a Chocolate/Spa Party. We had some delicious desserts brought in and what a night of relaxing, restful fellowship. We talked about being a sweet aroma to those around us, so I pray that the Father was honored by our sweet fellowship.

If you want to host a party like this for some lady friends of yours, I will give somewhat of details so you have something to go from, but if you want more info. on what we did, just leave me a comment or e-mail me.
We had each lady bring in a chocolate dessert in a brown paper bag that way nobody would know who brought what dessert. And here is the table that we had full of wonderful, delicious yummies.

We started out by giving each lady their score sheet and the first area was in appearance, so they all walked around the table looking at all the desserts to see whose had the best look to it.

Onto the fun! We split the ladies up into groups. We had one area where they soaked their feet and then one of the other ladies used a homemade sugar scrub (we also had a salt scrub for those sugar sensitive women) and then applied lotion. Everything was chocolatey, so the house (and feet) all smelled very good.

We also had an area where they dipped their hands in wax to have nice soft hands for the evening. Sorry, for some reason I didn't get to the kitchen to take pictures of this area. Of course there was all the tasting that happened during the evening. And we had a card set out for all the ladies to sign for our dear friend who is battling cancer.

"How does it all taste ladies?" Lots of happy faces this evening....I wonder why!

We did give lovely gift baskets to the winners of best appearance, best taste, and over all best. Congratulations to those ladies who won and thanks to you all for taking precious time out of your day to make something for all of us to enjoy during the evening! We also had a jar full of M & Ms for the ladies to guess how many were in there. The winner guessed right on the dot at 302. Congratulations Rane!

We learned a lot during the evening of things we would change if we did it again. But for now, it's time to relax until our babies are born.

Here is a picture of me and Casie, the party planners, after most all the ladies left. We did finally get to sit down, soak our feet and get a little pampering ourselves.

And some of us stayed over night after some preggo chatting, watching a movie, and of course we had to get some group photos in.

We had a wonderful time and were blessed by all you wonderful gals. We love you all and look forward to the next women's party....Casie's Celebration! Can't wait!


Tina said...

That was soo much fun!