Thursday, July 1, 2010

Camping Trip West Virginia 2010- Day 1 as a whole

Well, we met up with our traveling buddies over a delicious meal at The Macaroni Grill and then headed on. We didn't get too terribly far when our van overheated. We sat and waited for a bit then caught back up with our friends who pulled over by the next toll booths. The guys checked over the van and discussed what could be wrong, and then we decided to continue on because it wasn't acting wrong then. Well, we did get a little ways further and with everybody in both vehicles needing a potty break, we decided to pull off, but before we got there, yep, overheated again. This time it was longer before it cooled down, so once we got it back going, we were glad to pull into the gas station which was near two auto places. Bless the Lord!

There was a hotel very near also, and after talking with one of the mechanics and having him check things out, we decided to stay at the hotel for the night since he would be able to get it fixed tomorrow. He was thinking that it was the water pump. So, we sent our friends on their way to camp. We pulled into the parking lot of the hotel, and it was constantly squealing now, pulled in, and the power steering went out. Bless the Lord that it didn't happen out on the highway!We have points saved up for free nights at this brand of hotel, so I called in to make a reservation here and got our night stay with points. Bless the Lord again! When I made the reservations, the lady told me how many points and it wasn't going to be as many as I thought it would be AND we got a room with a jacuzzi tub in it! Bless the Lord!

The children were so bummed that we weren't going to be camping, but when they set their eyes on that, the smiles were all over the place. We all enjoyed the jets and feel ready for a good night's sleep. Jonathon and Josiah drove the van the short distance without power steering and after traffic slowed down over to the garage and now we wait. We are just praying that the water pump is really the problem and that it will fix the van and the rest of our trip will go smoothly.

Can you tell we are having fun? Benaiah got spikey hair from the hot tub water. : )

Our room that we are very blessed to have so close to the van and free!
They weren't sure what time they would be done tomorrow, but it looks like our day will be a little different than we expected. I am learning that sometimes it just doesn't do any good to have a set plan. But if this is God's plan, then I'm glad to be a part of it! We aren't complaining much about our situation. The children traveled amazingly, the Lord worked all things out perfectly for our travels, and we rest in His faithfulness to us at all times. Bless Him for taking care of us!