Monday, July 12, 2010

Camping Trip West Virginia 2010- Day 4

Day 4. Plans changed for this day as I decided to stay at camp with my friend who wasn't feeling well. So, I stayed there with their little one and Benaiah and had an extremely layed back day. The others went hiking more and saw some great things.
This is a rattlesnake skin they found along a trail. I'd much rather they found this than the real snake!
Since I didn't join them on this hike, I'm really not sure what all the pictures are. All I know is that this area was either in the Rock City area in Coopers Rock State Forrest or near by the Rock City area.

In Rock City they were able to climb on rocks and watch real climbers climb up much bigger rocks than this one.

After Rock City they came back to camp, got a bite to eat, then headed back out to a trail that had native hemlock trees. This is where Jonathon forgot the camera but he said that it looked like a jungle and was wonderful!

After they got back to camp, we headed out on a trail at the campground. We were excited to find on that there was a letterbox right in the campground we were staying at. I tried to find it with the little ones, but it wasn't conducive to stroller pushing, and there was water around, and I wasn't real thrilled about having the toddler so close to water on my own. So, I decided when the rest of the gang got back, we would take a shot at the letterbox.
Once again, with excitement, they found the letterbox and got all the books stamped up. Back at camp, venison stew was awaiting us.

The stew was so hot, so we scooped it out and let it cool off. Benaiah was hoping to get at it, I think from the way he drooled over it.

Last night of camping so we brought the rest of the smore stuff out to finish off our trip.

Some enjoyed it in separate pieces.....

And others enjoyed them in all their gooeyness.
All in all, God's creation was defnitely enjoyed by us all. That was our main purpose in going- to just sit in awe of what He created for us to enjoy.