Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Date To Portage. MI

We have been long overdue for a date just the two of us. So, we planned a date for last Thursday and were very much looking forward to it. We read that at Celery Flats in Portage they rent surrey bicycles, so we thought we would give them a try and take along our camera for some good, fun photo opportunities.
We biked and at a good resting point, because believe me these bikes are extremely hard to pedal, we took pictures. We were both sweating by the time our 30 minutes was up, and that was with stopping for some photos.
A bicycle built for two or more....

This bench said "well done" and we thought it was the perfect saying to stop and rest.

We then walked over to the Celery Flats Historical part of the park and enjoyed a walk and more photos around the old buildings. It truly turned out to be a great place for some wonderful photos.
I really loved this lamp post and the setting around it!

I'm getting into sun ray pictures too, but trying to figure out how to make the people in the person clearer without losing the rays.

With using the delay button on the camera, if you don't want to be looking at the camera it can be a little difficult making sure you hold position long enough. Obviously in this picture we didn't hold position long enough and when I turned to be done with the dip saw the light still flashing on the camera. Oops! The next one we got a better pose. : )

That's better!

Jonathon loved the old mill in this picture and I loved the circle out of bricks. So, we thought this would make for a neat dancing picture. Hard to get a good action dancing picture when you aren't sure when the camera is going off, but we got this one good.

Was hoping to get some close up focus with us in the background blurred and this spot turned out to be the perfect place for that. Loved how these turned out!

And loved the character of this old building!

And again!
After pictures we were starving, so we headed to a restaurant and had a delicious meal. What a great evening we had together. I'm so thankful that our lives don't revolve just around our children and that 13 years later, and much work to have a happy marriage, we are still loving life and each other the same, if not more, than when we were first married. Good times for sure!


Tammy L said...

What cute pictures! Congrats on your anniversary. :) I hope (and pray!) to be so happy when we celebrate 13 years of marriage (not for another 4.5 years). :)