Monday, July 12, 2010

Camping Trip West Virginia 2010- Day 3

Day 3. After having a long night from some loud, roudy, neighbor tenters, we enjoyed a lazy morning and a delicious breakfast of eggs, homemade bread, and turkey suasage. Was a peaceful morning of just hanging out around the fire, eating, reading Scriptures together, a little music playing, and eating lunch to be ready to head off to some trails.

Here is photographer number 2. Would love to see her pictures as she got some in places where our camera wasn't taken.

A sleepy Benaiah was cuddled right to sleep after lunch.

Everybody preparing to head out. Making sure the survivol guy has all of the equipment. : )

This one in Coopers Rock State Forrest. We started out by hiking the short hike to Coopers Rock. What a view!
These steps led us to a small bridge that took us over to Cooper Rock. Cross the bridge and prepare for a beautiful view.

Jonathon just coming off of the bridge onto Coopers Rock.

The view towards the east.

And the view towards the west. This rock was amazing and a little leary to walk around on since we were so high up.

Around Coopers Rock the children found a lizard of some sort, but couldn't catch it. Made me a little nervous!
Some of the hikers. Diella missed out on this hike as she was tired and had a sore foot from a burn she got before we left for our trip. She rested and was ready for the next hike though....

Can you tell? This hike was taking the trail to Raven's Rock which was where we were in hunt for a letterbox. Our friends had never done letterboxing so we wanted to share the fun with them.
At the top of Raven's Rock. We discussed some more Scriptures just a litte, keeping our thoughts on the Creator of this marvelous place. Another beautiful view, only this time, NO rails to keep you from falling. This was even more nerve racking with little ones, but everyone stayed on top, just anxious to find the letterbox.
The clue started at the top of the rock, so once we hiked there, we had to turn around and head back following the clue to find the box.
We let our friends find it since this was their first time, hoping that it wasn't missing. Sometimes that does happen. But this time, with much excitement, it was found! Everybody did their stamping and we were on our way back to the vehicles. Was a good workout for sure!

We are having fun!

We ended day 3 with fireworks by the lake at the campground. Was a short show, but really quite good, and we all didn't need much more than that. Some of us walked and some of us drove back to the tents and settled in for the night in warm sleeping bags.