Monday, July 12, 2010

Camping Trip West Virginia 2010- Day 2

We started our second day out at the hotel, praying that the van would get fixed quickly and we wouldn't have to set camp up in the dark. We headed down for a good breakfast of oatmeal and yogurt and everyone filled their bellies.
The hotel was gracious enough to let us stay until 2:00, which was very nice of them. So, we filled our waiting time with....
taking naps.....

watching the all time favorite Tom and Jeri.....

singing some music.....

and then we had to carry all of our stuff down to the lobby of the hotel to wait just a little bit more.
There was a restaurant just across the parking lot, so Jonathon went over there, got our lunch and brought it back to the hotel for us to eat. We played cars and ball and really had quite a good time doing it.
That's pretty evident on Diella's face that at least she was having a good time. Finally, the garage called right at 3:00 and said the van was done, so Jonathon and Josiah walked over there, got the van, came picked us up, and one happy family headed back out on the road.
We had about 1 1/2 hours to go before reaching our destination, so the last part of the drive was nice and short. We got to camp and started setting up our tent, fixing supper, and preparing for a fun weekend.
This is where Benaiah spent most of his time and found it quite funny to smoosh his face on the mesh. Too funny!
That's a better picture of his face along with his mosquito bite that he got that first night and then we didn't see another mosquito. Was just perfect!

First night campfire and smores. A wonderful way to complete our setting up time and a great way to begin the camping experience.

Roasting and eating. Yummo! After all the sugary goodness, we headed to bed with temperatures a little cool but great for sleeping!