Thursday, July 1, 2010

We've only just begun.....West Virginia Camping Trip

So, we are headed on an adventure to West Virginia to do some camping....tent camping that is. Do you know how much stuff has to be packed when you are camping, and you have 4 children, one being a little one? Our van is packed! And we are going to have a great time!

It's a beautiful day to travel and to be on the beach, but we chose to travel today. Our traveling friends are a little bit behind us, but with the way traffic is slowed down, we may catch up to each other eventually. We have a lunch destination to meet them at, and we are all going to welcome getting out to stretch and eat some real food instead of snacky stuff.

The children are doing wonderful so far. I realize that by the time we get there, their happy hearts will be vanishing, but right now all is quiet. They have been eating mints to prevent car sickness (which they get when we travel) and ginger snap cookies. Diella and Alegra are demonstrating their snackage in the picture. We listened to one CD of Hank the Cow Dog on CD, they are in the middle of playing Travel Bingo (girls against boys), and now we are listening to Because of Winn Dixie on CD.
Traffic has cleared, and we are back to traveling at regular speed. I feel so blessed that we are able to take a vacation to relax and enjoy God's creation in the mountains. We will take lots of pictures, letting you all in on our family time away from home.
A vacation wouldn't be a vacation without me now making a mental list of all the things we forgot. Oh well, too late! BUT a pot holder to get the cast iron skillet off the fire might be important. Hope our friends brought something that would work. Always an adventure! : )