Wednesday, July 28, 2010

An Evening on the Lake

Today has been a busy day and while I am getting caught up on blogging, Diella is stirring some herbal ointment that will soon be ready to pour into jars and the other three are playing checkers or in Benaiahs case, trying to ruin a game of checkers.
We had a lovely evening on the lake with my parents. Jonathon wasn't able to join us right away but did after he finished up work. There is just something about a lake that is so calming.
Dad had a good little in captain in Benaiah. He sure loved the boat experience, and I think Dad enjoyed him loving the boat experience.

Full speed ahead! Good thing the real captain was taller than the stearing wheel.

My mom and the three children. We are having fun!

They took us to Olivere Lake which runs to some other lakes via small canals that were very secluded. Felt like we were in a jungle.

We got clear back as far as we could go in the chain of lakes and decided to eat some supper and catch some fish. We also spotted a huge snapper turtle swimming in the water. We all decided would be best to keep toes inside the boat after that.

The phone rang and the Papa was almost to the lake, so we set sail back to the dock to pick him up. The sun was shining brightly and the wind flew through our hair. Hang on, Diella's driving!

Waiting for us to pick him up!

Had to get a picture of myself. Actually, we got a new camera, and I spent the evening trying out all the settings and learning how it works. Worked quite nicely after I got the hang of it.

My mom and Benaiah. Not sure what he was enjoying, but he sure was enjoying something....

Oh, the happy times on the boat!

Showing Papa the jungle canal.

And finally heading in to pack up and go home. That Benaiah sure thinks a lot of his Granpa Dan.

And he loves to roam on the boat. See him in this corner of the picture.
He just hung on and road with the waves. What a perfect sunset for the evening!

Our camera has a filter on it that softens a picture when you take it. I was experimenting with it and the sunset setting that it also has.

And another experimentation with the camera. Here is Diella enjoying the ride back in with the sun glowing around her.
We did have a wonderful evening to end our day full of hard work. What a blessing!